Our Proven 8-Step Process for Selling a House

  1. Talking to the client on the phone and qualify them on selling the house.
  2. Get their home address and see up a meeting time to see their home
  3. While meeting with the client at their home, we will explain the things we do for them for the listing
  4. After we got the listing, we will start posting to different selling blogs to increase the property’s exposure
  5. We will plan on the staging and photo session for the properties (if needed)
  6. Once the property is sold, documents are being send to the lawyers.
  7. Before closing, we will re-visit the client and remind them on things they need to do.  For example, the need to check with bank on their mortgage, need to check with their lawyer and see if everything is in order.
  8. Call client on a few day before closing and see if anything needs to be done for them.

Lastly, congratulations, you have
successfully sold your house!

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