Pretty much all the agent will do the same, which means show the client where they are looking for.  To our understanding, some agent will just keep looking at the same place and pushing their client to buy.  For us, we only recommend client on their decision, we do not push them to buy.  We base on their needs and wants to search and suggest what client is looking for.  We will find out what their needs are and base on that searching for something they like.

Our Proven 10-Step Process of Buying A House

  1. Taking client to see places.
  2. Recommend what they really would like, since some of them has an idea of what they like, but in real, they have no clue of what they are looking for.
  3. Be truthful about what they want.  No lying to the client.  It will be best to tell them the truth
  4. Once client find something they like, offers are being presented to the selling side.  But before the offer is being presented, we will give the seller agent a call and do a pre-negotiation call and understand what the seller is looking for.  Recommendation is given back to the client and discuss the offer
  5. Once offer is accepted by the seller, document are send to the lawyers
  6. If inspection is needed for the property, we will recommend house inspector for the client
  7. If renovation is needed, we will recommend contractor for them
  8. Call client a few days before closing.  Make sure everything is in order for them
  9. If time permitted, we will be there for their closing.  If not, we will give follow up calls to client
  10. Follow up calls will continue for at least 3 months.

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